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a little blonde girl in sunny love angeles.

Anonymous asked: if you could fix anything in society, what would it be?

education. I’d make it free for everyone, and real education where people are taught to truly see and ask questions instead of blindly accept and regurgitate biased information

Anonymous asked: what do you think about God?

I don’t believe in organized religion or the traditional meaning of “god”, I am very spiritual and believe we are all one ✨ u-n-I-verse

Anonymous asked: if you could re-name yourself, what would you like your name to be?

definitely louisa or anja. in my mind my name is louisa!! always has been.

vegan mushroom truffle risotto recipe!

this is seriously amazing and really easy and you will feel so fancy eating it.

1 cup arborio rice
3 cups mushroom broth
1/2 cup dry white wine
sliced mushrooms (I usually use crimini)
a little garlic and onion
a squeeze of lemon
truffle salt and sea salt to taste

I just put it all in the pot together, let it hit a heavy boil, then lower heat to simmer for 30-40 minutes, stirring occasionally.

make sure you use truffle salt, never ever truffle oil! truffle oil is fake and tastes like gasoline once you’ve had the real thing. you can add vegan margarine to make it creamier but I try to avoid it

if you’re feeling extra fancy, add little slices of real truffles! they are hard to find but whole foods usually has little jars of them.

Anonymous asked: Hi! What's your dream job?

creative directing a few clothing companies and doing animal healing & communication 💚 also living in a castle and conducting all my affairs from my claw footed bathtub.

Anonymous asked: Does your Pomeranian still have his cast? So adorable.

he just got it off a couple weeks ago. I had to get him shaved since he was so matted after not having a bath or being brushed for 3 months. he looks so cute. and now he has to do physical therapy! the vet requires it. oh man it was sad but cute watching him shuffle around

laurenclick asked: Fav Vegan recipes?

buffalo chickpea nuggets! I posted the recipe on here once. I’m allergic to gluten and soy so I can’t eat a lot of vegan foods like fake wings etc. and vegan paella & mushroom truffle risotto!! should I post those recipes too?

Anonymous asked: Have you read White Girl Problems by Babe Walker, totally reminded me of you. Xx

haha I started reading it but never finished. I used to think she was funny when she first started tweeting, before her book, but not so much anymore.

Anonymous asked: what music have you been into love !?!?

led zeppelin always!

Anonymous asked: hey... what's the point of the glitter pills if you can't eat them? What do you do with them then?

they are just for fun, or to feed your pet unicorn

I haven't

answered questions in a long time! just deleted everything in my inbox and gonna do a q + a : ) ask anything, much love x emily