a little blonde girl in sunny love angeles.
dauphine @xfete

things with my company fete!! it is my whole world.

Anonymous said

How do you meditate?

there are so many ways!! kundalini yoga, closed eye visualizations, gazing… should i make a meditation cheat sheet for simple ones?

already answered eating, see above. for my skin I wash every morning and night with a simple cleanser and moisturizer with Vichy cicaplast and a vitamin c serum. Mario badescu drying lotion is a miracle for pimples. also for the really bad ones, when you first feel them coming, cover them with PRID and put a bandaid or medical tape on it overnight for a few days and it will disappear completely.
also if you have problematic skin, look I to food allergies and make a food diary - I had awful skin for a while and found out I am allergic to gluten and soy, which happened to be causing horrible acne as well as other medical problems.

ahhhhhhhahahahaha ha ha ha i don’t. i pretty much stay at home most of the time.

Anonymous said

Dailey diet???

i really hate this question but always get it. i am vegan. allergic to gluten and soy. i eat a lot of fruits and vegetables all organic.

I try to twice a day morning and night. but sometimes I get lazy 😁 I only ever feel 100% me and do my best when I meditate twice every single day.


haven’t done a q&a in forever! gonna answer questions for you in a bit 💖

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